EVA Instructions

Instructions for Use of EVA (Complementary Modules) Database

Guiding Principles of Database

  • EVA ("Ergänzende Veranstaltungen" in German, "Modules complémentaires" in French, "Complementary Modules" in English) are offerings provided by MSE universities
  • The offerings are structured per academic year (1 database per academic year, on the MSE Moodle start page)
  • The offerings are on Moodle for information purposes only - no bookings or cancellations etc. can be made via Moodle (use e-mail or phone contact information as specified in the offerings)


  • EVA (information) customers
    • are typically students or visitors of the MSE Moodle platform (logged in or not logged in)
    • MSE students willing to participate are asked to contact the responsible person as specified in the offering, via their advisor
  • EVA Module owner
    • is the responsible person for module, typically interested lecturer
    • can create and edit new modules in Moodle
    • after creation of new modules, these new offerings are not visible, until they are approved by EVA Module administrator (below)
  • EVA Module administrator
    • typically 1 person per university (the member of your UAS in MSE-CH Master commission)
    • can approve or disapprove offerings
  • Moodle administrator
    • can assign roles to interested lecturer (EVA Module owners) and Module administrators

Instructions for EVA Module owners

  1. In order to be able to create and edit EVA module, you need special privileges; please make sure you have successfully logged in to MSE Moodle (using your AAI Login) at least once and then ask the EVA Moodle responsible (Michael Röthlin) for granting you access
  2. For creating or editing EVA modules, you have to be logged in on moodle.msengineering.ch (use your AAI credentials)
  3. Go to the EVA database activity on the MSE Moodle start page
  4. Case: Create a new offering
    1. Click on "Add entry" ("Eintrag hinzufügen" in German, "Ajouter une fiche" in French)
    2. Fill out the relevant fields (mandatory fields are marked with a *)
    3. Click on the "Save and view" button at the bottom ("Sichern und anzeigen" in German, "Enregistrer et afficher" in French)
    4. Notify the EVA administrator at your university for reviewing and approving your module
  5. Case: Edit an existing offering
    1. Click on your existing offering and make your changes
    2. Click on the "Save and view" button at the bottom ("Sichern und anzeigen" in German, "Enregistrer et afficher" in French)
    3. In case of major modifications, notify the EVA administrator at your university for reviewing your module
  6. Handle communications with students, communicate decision (module will be held, is cancelled, etc.)
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