Note: This special Moodle self-assessment course is for MSE students who want to check the prerequisites for specific theory modules in the MSE or prepare themselves before starting the module

Students of Theory modules of the MSE have different backgrounds and may therefore have different entry levels. A working group of the MSE Master Commission (MK) has suggested that this situation is addressed by offering online self-assessment (S-A) tests for students willing to attend specific Theory module. The goal is to homogenize the entry level of the students in the central modules.

In this course, such self-assessments "tests" are now available for any interested student of the MSE, prepared by the lecturers of the modules. You can take these assessment quizzes as many times as you wish and analyze the results of the tests, discussing them together with your Advisor in the MSE.

The objective of all quizzes in this course are that you as a student can identify knowledge gaps and find information about how to close these knowledge gaps before choosing or attending the module. The results of your attempts are only visible to you and to the specific module lecturers having built the test.

Students: please use the MSE standard enrolment key for accessing this course, after logging in with AAI/eduID.