Welcome to the course Innovation und Change Management.

This course is showing you how you can develop an innovation for a company from scratch. The focus will be on digital and sustainable innovation.

We start to analyze a company in order to see what kind of innovation strategy this company has and what are the guidelines they give to the employees in regard to the innovation.

We learn what kind of innovation processes are currently popular and how they can be implemented into the process map of a company. We select one of the innovation processes and start together the journey along this process with the target to have a new innovation prototype after 12 lectures and exercise for a company.

During this journey we learn how to use tools and technics. We analyze our ideas and evaluate them from process step to process step.

Innovation leads always to a change in a company. We will also learn which touch point you must consider in the Origination and what does this can mean for the company culture. We round the course up with an overview about the most important innovation protection scenarios. 

We are happy to work with you the next 14 weeks and we promise that beside the theory it will be very useful course for your future business live.

Innovation is the driving motor for a successful company, and you can become a part of it.