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Title: Robot Based Additive Manufacturing (Polymers)
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ECTS Credits: 2
Organizer Details: C.Brauner

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Decision Date: 31 mai 2022 
Start Date: 13 juillet 2022 
End Date: 15 juillet 2022 
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The course will be at the FHNW / Windisch done by a cooperation of the Institut for Automation and the Institut for Polymer Engineering

6 hours x 3 days, starting from 9am to 4pm, Room tbd, Windisch



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Abstract: New manufacturing methods are fast growing and therefore enabling new generation business models.  Additive Manufacturing and in this case robot based additive manufacturing is very promising, leading into many new engineering employments.




Contents and Learning Objectives:

Learning Objective: Course participants will understand the process to develop and handle additive manufactured 3D components of polymer parts. They are able to differentiate various manufacturing processes for a dedicated component. They may evaluate such a 3D-printed device from a technical and commercial point-of-view and compare it against other manufacturing methods.

Content: Course participants will know various additive manufacturing methods, based on semi-finished synthetic materials (powder, filament, granulate, photo polymerised monomer solution) They understand relation-ship between component design and manufacturing process. The will be able to design components ready print, derivate the core manufacturing parameters and set those parameters for dedicated applications. Further on participants may evaluate 3D-components from a performance point-of-view (mechanically, economically).

 Participants will know the general definition and classification of robotics. They understand industrial robots, its modular design, programming methods, various cartesian coordinate systems, ABB Robotstudio™. Further participants are able to program simple path planning in the virtual environment as well as executing the program on the manipulator in the real world.

 1)    Plastic Technology

Introduction various processes

Basics of polymeric processing

Application of selected AM-methods (Additive Manufacturing)

 Cost evaluation of AM-parts

 Enhanced AM-methods for next generation

2)    Robotic Introduction

Robotic overview

ABB Robotstudio™ programming based on the easy application «Graphic Draw»

Demonstration am manipulator IRB120

HandsOn Labs manipulator IRB120

3)    Laboratory work with Robot-Extruder

HandsOn ABB IRB 6700 and CEAD Extruder

Manufacturing of various 3D components

Additive Manufacturing of a test component/ own parts

Quality Evaluation of the test component


  • ~25 % theory/lectures
  • ~25 % laboratory/project work
  • ~50 % self-study
Max. 8 attendies


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Status: registration open
Specialization: Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechatronics & Automation (MA)


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