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Title: Business Creation
Short Code: TA.MSE.BusCrea
ECTS Credits: 3
Organizer Details: Prof. Dr. Patrick Link


Decision Date: 30 June 2020 
Start Date: 12 July 2020 
End Date: 31 July 2020 
Date Details:


Description (max. 300 characters):

The course is taught in a real-life context, where students form
teams of five and acquire the skills and know-how to develop their business
idea from the conceptual stage to the marketplace.They are guided in building a scalable business modelviareal-lifeexperiments and tests in a live marketplace with genuine customer
feedback. The challenge unfolds in a learning environment that corresponds to current and future workplace requirements including cross-functional and virtual teams with crowdsourced work tasks, a multicultural work force, and extremely demanding organization, planning and communicationskills.

The module is offered in collaboration with the European Innovation Academy as a summerschool in different locations, e.g. Cascais (Portugal).

Contents and Learning Objectives:

Recommended pre-readings:

  • The Startup Owner's Manual: The Step-By-Step Guide for Building a Great Company - Steve Blank and Bob Dorf

  • Running Lean: Iterate from Plan A to a Plan That Works (Lean Series) - Ash Maurya

 During the course:

  • EIA Day by Day Playbook, including daily templates (see example here)

  • Lecture slides, uploaded daily to Slideshare (European Innovation Academy account)

  • Handouts delivered by the lecturers and/or mentors in their sessions

  • Videos broadcasted by the lecturers and/or mentors in their sessions

Access to online tools and/or other resources as provided by the lecturers or mentors


Total Cost Estimate

The module is offered in collaboration with the European Innovation Academy.

€ 1899 Early birds - signing in before May 31

€ 2300 when signing in before June 30

Although program fees do not cover living costs for students, we offer universities an accommodation service. A survey last year showed that an average student spends the following:

• € 800 on accommodation

• € 500 on food & other living costs

Flights depending on the region
The exact amount will depend on the student, but the average cost for the student will currently be: €3200 (flights not included



Prof. Dr. Patrick Link, Institut für Innovation und Technologiemanagement IIT, Hochschule Luzern - Technik und Architektur 

Contact Person E-Mail: patrick.link@hslu.ch
Status: registration open
Specialization: Business Engineering and Production (BEP)


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