Title: EES Energiespeicher und E-Mobilität
Short Code: EES ESM
ECTS Credits: 1
Organizer Details: Prof. Dr. Antonios Papaemmanouil, Prof. Dr. Adrian Omlin

Active participation in the three days of course is required.

The course is part of the EVA EES.

Decision Date: 15. März 2024 
Start Date: 22. März 2024 
End Date: 5. April 2024 
Date Details:

Three days:

  • 15.03.2024
  • 22.03.2024
  • 05.04.2024
Details will be communicated to the participants.

The course is part of the EVA-EES (electrical energy systems) which is proposed by different schools. The goal of the EVA-EES is to strenghten the knowledge in the field of electrical energy, drives and conversion. The whole cycle consists of  7 courses:

EVA-EES EDD: Electric Drive Design EVA-EES FOC: Field Oriented Control EVA-EES PV: Photovoltaic Systems EVA-EES AS: Ancillary Services – Technology, Market and Operations EVA-EES ERT: Electrical Railway Technology EVA-EES ESM: Energy Storages & Integration E-mobility and Buildings EVA-EES PS: Power Systems

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Der Kurs behandelt elektrische Energiespeicher und deren Anwendung in der E-Mobilität. Nebst Theorie über die Eigenschaften und den sicheren Betrieb von Akkus und Super-Kondensatoren werden Messungen im Labor durchgeführt.

Der Teil E-Mobilität zeigt die Verwendung der Speicher für Fahrzeuge wie Fahrrad, PKW, LKW, Bus, Rennauto und Seilbahn. Dafür werden auch verschiedene Antriebskonzepte behandelt. Der Energiebedarf eines Elektrofahrzeuges wird berechnet und mit einer Messfahrt verifiziert.

Contents and Learning Objectives:

Tag 1:
E-Mobility & Energy Transition

EV and electric drives

Smart Grid integration of EV

Tag 2:
Energy Storage 

Charging / Discharging, secure operation

Battery Management System (BMS), State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH)

Lab Exercise

Test drives Part 1

Tag 3:
Charging Infrastructure 

 V2X, V2G, V2H, Lastmanagement

Integration PV, Storage and EV

Lab Exercise

Test drives Part 2 


The credits of the EVA-EES are assigned if at least 2 courses are attended in one semester.

The whole EVA-EES consists of 6 courses which totally gives 6 credit points.


Prof. Dr. Antonios Papaemmanouil, Prof. Dr. Adrian Omlin

Contact Person E-Mail: antonios.papaemmanouil@hslu.ch
Status: registration open
Specialization: Energy and Environment (EE)

Industrial Technologies (InT)

Building Technologies (BT)

Electrical Engineering (ElE)

Energy & Environment (EnEn)


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