Title: Systems- and Requirements Engineering Basics
Short Code: EVA_SE+RE
ECTS Credits: 3
Organizer Details: Prof. Dr. Gerhard S. Székely, Prof. Martin Jud (HSLU I)

1. One hour closed book exam on last day, only pen(s) allowed – no calculator required 
2. Hand in a typical SE Document with ~8 pages by August 30th 2024

     The content of this document shall be based on the workshop example work using an SE-Document Template.

The final mark is the average between the two marks from these parts

Decision Date: 31 May 2024 
Start Date: 19 August 2024 
End Date: 23 August 2024 
Date Details:

Intensive block week 19.8. - 23.8.2024

Please reserve some time for some examination work until 1.9.2023. Details will be discussed in the class.


EVA module



Description (max. 300 characters):

The module Systems- and Requirements Engineering Basics shall introduce the systematic and practical handling of larger or more complex systems as well in technical as in organisational sense. The module is strongly interdisciplinary and forms the link between the precise engineering world and the final system users.
You obtain an insight to what industry denotes as systems and requirements engineering. In this context you learn where requirements arise and how they formalised, interlinked, managed and evaluated, learn about stake-holders and their importance, understand how systems are modelled and described, get to understand interface management and last but not least you will learn about verification and validation. You will have the possibility to practice the theory on a practical
example that will continue through the course.
This EVA is especially valuable for students interested in working in fields of high reliability and regulation, such as (but not exclusive) Aerospace, Automotive, Power Plants, Medical
Technology and so on.

Contents and Learning Objectives:


  • Requirements engineering and its relevance for hard- and software related industry
  • Systems engineering and its industrial relevance
  • Stakeholder, stakeholder analysis und stakeholder management
  • Requirements engineering methods
  • System architecture und system description
  • Interfaces and interface management
  • Verification und validation


Admission: Technical MSE Student

Provided before block week - in case of questions, please contact Mr. Székely via e-mail.


Classes are held in English and take place at HSLU T&A in Horw - no distance learning format foreseen.


Prof. Dr. Gerhard S. Székely (HSLU T&A), gerhardstefan.szekely@hslu.ch

Contact Person E-Mail: daniela.bucheli@hslu.ch
Status: registration open
Specialization: Business Engineering and Production (BEP)

Energy and Environment (EE)

Industrial Technologies (InT)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Civil Engineering & Building Technology (CEBT)

Geomatics (GEO)

Spatial Development & Landscape Architecture (SDLA)

Aviation (Avi)

Business Engineering (BE)

Building Technologies (BT)

Civil Engineering (CE)

Computer Science (CS)

Data Science (DS)

Electrical Engineering (ElE)

Energy & Environment (EnEn)

Geomatics (Geo)

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechatronics & Automation (MA)

Medical Engineering (Med)

Photonics (Pho)


[Responsible for this text: Székely Gerhard Stefan]