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Title: EES Hydro Generators
Short Code: EES HYG
ECTS Credits: 1
Organizer Details: Prof. Georg Traxler-Samek
Evaluation: Active participation (three days) is required. The course is part of EVA EES.
Decision Date: 14 April 2023 
Start Date: 21 April 2023 
End Date: 28 April 2023 
Date Details:

Three course days: 

  • 14.04.2023: 09:00 - 16:45 (7 x 45' including lunch break)
  • 21.04.2023: 09:00 - 16:45 (7 x 45' including lunch break)
  • 28.04.2023: 09:00 - 16:45 (7 x 45' including lunch break)


The course is part of EVA-EES (electrical energy systems) which is offered by different schools. The goal of EVA-EES is to strenghten the knowledge in the field of electrical energy, drives and conversion.


german or english

Description (max. 300 characters):

Dieser Kurs widmet sich der Auslegung und Berechnung von Wasserkraft-Grossgeneratoren im Leistungsbereich bis zu mehreren hundert Megawatt. Solche Maschinen werden in der Praxis für ein spezifisches Kraftwerk als Prototypen dimensioniert. Diese Dimensionierung ist ein multi-disziplinäres Problem, bei dem elektromagnetische, mechanische und kühlungstechnische Aspekte betrachtet werden müssen.

This course is dedicated to the design and calculation of large hydro-generators in the power range up to serveral hundred megawatts. In general these machines are sized for a specific power plant as prototypes. This dimensioning is a multi-disciplinary problem where electromagnetic, mechanical and cooling aspects need to be considered.

Contents and Learning Objectives:


  • Wasserkraftwerke: Typen (konventionell und nicht-konventionell), Pumpspeicherwerke
  • Hydro-Systeme: Generator- und Turbinentypen
  • Design: mechanische Ausführung von Schenkelpol-Synchronmaschinen
  • Synthese: Auslegung von Schenkelpol-Synchronmaschinen mit Schwerpunkt auf Baugrösse und Statorwicklung
  • Kühlmethoden und Erwärmungsberechnungen (Überblick)
  • Dimensionierung in der Praxis: Auslegung eines Grossgenerators

The objectives of the course are:

  • Hydro plants: types of hydro power plants (conventional and non-conventional systems), pump storage plants
  • Hydro systems: types of turbines and generators used in hydro energy production
  • Design: mechanical design of salient-pole synchronous machines
  • Synthesis: dimensioning of salient-pole synchronous machines based on specification data with focus on machine size and stator winding
  • Cooling methods and thermal calculations (overview)
  • Application of dimensioning: design of a large generator

Credits of EVA-EES are assigned if at least two courses are attended in one semester.


Prof. Georg Traxler-Samek

Contact Person E-Mail: georg.traxlersamek@fhnw.ch
Status: registration open
Specialization: Energy and Environment (EE)

Industrial Technologies (InT)

Electrical Engineering (ElE)

Energy & Environment (EnEn)


[Responsible for this text: Traxler-Samek Georg]