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Title: IoT: Internet of Things
Short Code: MTE7117
ECTS Credits: 3
Organizer Details: Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH, Engineering and Information Technology, Biel/Bienne

Oral exam, based on semester project

Decision Date: 20 février 2023 
Start Date: 20 février 2023 
End Date: 30 juin 2023 
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Internet of Things (IoT) is a very comprehensive (broad) subject area. In this module, this breadth is shown, as well as which topics belong to it and where students and prospective professionals can obtain additional information. Details are only given by way of example. However, the students should learn how to develop IoT applications by means of practical exercises. In summary, the students should receive a positive but critically reflected experience as well as an overview of the broad topic and take along a catalogue of further information.

Contents and Learning Objectives:
Admission: Write an E-Mail to : with CC to EVA contact person. Students who are not enrolled at BFH must first register with IS-A:!formInscrs.connection?ww_c_formulaire=FORMULAIRE_ERASMUS
Contact: Prof. Andreas Danuser 
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Status: will be held
Specialization: Business Engineering and Production (BEP)

Energy and Environment (EE)

Industrial Technologies (InT)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Civil Engineering & Building Technology (CEBT)

Geomatics (GEO)

Business Engineering (BE)

Computer Science (CS)

Data Science (DS)

Electrical Engineering (ElE)

Energy & Environment (EnEn)

Geomatics (Geo)

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechatronics & Automation (MA)

Medical Engineering (Med)

Photonics (Pho)


[Responsible for this text: Danuser Andreas]