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Title: OFDPA: Optical fiber design, production and applications
Short Code: MTE7702
ECTS Credits: 3
Organizer Details: Collaborative EVA

Written Exam

Decision Date: 1 June 2022 
Start Date: 10 June 2022 
End Date: 30 June 2022 
Date Details:

-> 10.6.2022: Introduction to fiber materials and fibers. Online via MS-Teams.

-> 14.6.2022: Preforms an their production. Presence in Biel.

-> 15.6.2022: Production of a Powder based Preform. Drawing 1. Presence in Biel.

-> 22.6.2022: Fiber handling and laser applications. Presence in Burgdorf

-> Date to be determined during sessions above: Short report delivery and test


Short test at the end. Presence mandatory in all parts (2 d online, 3d laboratory work)



Description (max. 300 characters):

In this EVA after a theory introduction about optical fibers, the peculiarities of the  materials used in fiber production,
an Ytterbium-doped preform will be produced.
The preform will be drawn to a fiber with the participation of the students. The Fiber will be characterized (NA, BG losses etc. and a fiber laser will be buit from it.

Contents and Learning Objectives:

- Optical materials for fiber production;
-Techniques for the production of preforms;
- Optical basics for the characterisation of opt. fibers;
-Brief introduction into fiber lasers
-Experimental techniques 

At the end of this course the students will know the basics of optical fiber production and fiber handling


Course materials will be distributed in digital or paper copies to the students.


A maximum of 5 students is possible due to drawing tower access.
In case of wider interest, the EVA will be re-offered in summer 22


Prof. Dr. Valerio ROMANO, BFH-TI

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Status: registration open
Specialization: Photonics (Pho)


[Responsible for this text: Romano Valerio]