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Title: Management Challenge (Intensive Week)
Short Code: MG+CHAL
ECTS Credits: 3
Organizer Details: Prof. Dr. Sascha Götte,

Results of the simulation game, written management summary and oral group presentation.

Decision Date: 31 mars 2022 
Start Date: 13 février 2023 
End Date: 17 février 2023 
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Based on Business Strategy inputs and case works from different industries the students will learn business by doing business. They will manage a virtual company being active in a high tech industry in small teams.
The cloud-based business simulation Scale-up from TOPSIM will be used. 
The teams will be composed of master students from Lucerne and other Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences as well as from our international partner universities.

Contents and Learning Objectives:

Professional competencies: The students…

F1: are able to apply the process of strategic planning and implementation.

F2: are able to understand the importance of an effective vision and mission.

F3: are able to analyze the internal and external environment of companies.

F4: are able to develop business strategies.

F5: are able to take decisions regarding strategic initiatives and the development of innovative products and services, the price positioning, to manage the sales channels and to introduce communication instruments, to purchase input materials and to manage the inventory, to improve the production, and to manage the company’s workforce and financial situation.

Methodological competencies: The students…

M1: are able to choose and apply strategic management tools and methods correctly.

M2: are able to develop results individually and in teams.

M3: are able to analyze problems, to decide in uncertain situations and to present and justify the solutions.

Personal and social competencies: The students…

P1: are able to acquire new competencies individually.

P2: are willing to assume responsibility for results developed in teams.

P3: are able to communicate their results in oral and in written form.
Admission: Sound knowledge of Marketing Management, Accounting, Controlling and Operations Management, English CEF level of B2 or equivalent or higher.

Slides, case works and all information regarding the business simulation will be provided lateron directly to the participants.


This EVA module will be conducted in close cooperation with our international partner universities and will be held in class. Physical attendance is expected during the entire week. 


Prof. Dr. Sascha Götte

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Status: finished
Specialization: Business Engineering (BE)


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