After successfully completing this course you …
  • know the concepts of the most important laser types with their respective advantages and disadvantages and will be informed about future trends.
  • will be skilled to decide between Laser-based technology or other manufacturing technology based on knowledge in technology, efficiency, economical, and ecological reasons.
  • know industrial relevant beam guiding and delivery systems and technologies.
  • will be skilled to make decision on suitable laser source and beam delivery depending on application process.
  • thoroughly understand important laser applications and can design the most relevant features of the systems required for them.
  • know the most relevant physical effects which happen during the interaction between laser and material.
  • will be skilled to determine processing strategy, basic parameters and supporting technology.
  • know basic methods of beam diagnostics, process monitoring, and industry 4.0 technology.
  • know the basic rules of laser and health safety and how to apply them.